The County NewsTeller

V!N!rs“A Monthly Magazine Dedicated to the County and School Officials of West Virginia”

“This, the first issue of your County NewsTeller, a monthly magazine devoted solely to the interests of county and school officials in West Virginia, is presented with high hope that its publication will be of real and lasting benefit to the 500 school superintendents, county clerks, circuit clerks, assessors, sheriffs, prosecuting attorneys and county commissioners who are on our free mailing list.” Vol. I, No. I, October 1938.

Relive the memories of yesterday as you thumb through the pages of The County Newsteller, a magazine published by Casto & Harris during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Information was collected from those very officials and their office staffs and published in what is considered one of West Virginia’s very first “social networking” sites.

Enjoy the history. We hope we’ve helped you recover that “special” story of long ago!

As published in the First Quarter, 1942 issue, “It can no longer be “Business as Usual.” Every effort, every bit of manpower, every possible production is being extended to this war. “Luxuries” are definitely out-of-style, even unpatriotic. Today the only important consideration is a speedy and decisive victory over the most barbarous and treacherous foes that ever threatened our peace and security. Regretfully, therefore, we find it necessary to discontinue publication of the County NewsTeller “for the duration.” We say “regretfully” because we have enjoyed editing and publishing this intimate little magazine as much as we hope you have enjoyed receiving and reading it. Born in October, 1938, its 35 issues have been read by thousands.”

Unfortunately, following the victorious end of World War II, and the return of “America’s Greatest Generation,” the magazine was not restarted.










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