Production Calendar: 2018 Primary Election

(Unofficial, modified version of the official election calendar issued by the WV Secretary of State)

1 Begin gathering election media
11 – 30 Candidate filing period
ASAP Casto & Harris receives precinct lists, layout info, coding forms, and media for ballot layout and hardware programming (>90 days prior to election)
1 Candidate List to Casto & Harris (via SVRS entries and email or fax)
2 Clerks Deliver FINAL and APPROVED Levies, Bonds, etc. to Casto & Harris
23 Draw for Ballot Order and send to Casto & Harris (via email and/or fax)
ASAP Pronunciation Guide and/or signed waivers to Casto & Harris
ASAP Final ballot information received by Casto & Harris – Layout begins
2 Absentee ballots approved for printing
25 Paper Absentee Ballots Delivered
15 Ballot / Media Delivery
19 Voter Registration Ends
22 Public Inspection of Early Voting Equip/Ballots
27 Early Voting Begins
3 – 5 Public Inspection/Test of Election Day Electronic Voting Equip/Ballots
7 Early Voting Ends
10 Election Day
16  Canvass of Election Returns

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