ES&S Election Products


San Disk Flashcard – 256 MB or 512 MB
Item No. 6258

For system files, firmware, audio/voice files for iVotronic™ ADA terminals, and uploading audit data from voted terminals.  Also used in AutoMark™ devices.

iVotronic™ RTAL Paper Roll (with or without plastic spool/spindle)
Item No. 6378

Thermal paper for the Real-Time Audit Log in the iVotronic™ Voting Booth. Includes replacement take-up reel. (Humidity Resistant).


Item No. C31000-00

PCMCIA card is used as a storage device for election totals obtained from the Model 100. Election official will need at least one per Model 100 tabulator. Storage card size: 512K.

M-100 Thermal Paper
Item No. 75180

Thermal paper roll is loaded into the Model 100 and used to print reports. Dimensions: 2.25″ wide x 165′ long.

Zip Disk 250 MB
Item No. ZD-250

Collect and transfer M-650 results to your tabulation software with these formatted Zip disks.

AutoMARK Ink
Item No. 87003

Jumangi” ink cartridge is used in ES&S AutoMARK™ Voter Assist Terminals in conjunction with infra-red ballot readers.